Sunday, November 26, 2017

brothels à go-go

Behold the lowly fig leaf!
MPs are investigating a surge in flats being used short-term for prostitution – but the women who work in them say they often have no safer option....
While prostitution is legal in England and Wales, owning or managing a brothel is a crime. Last month, MPs launched an inquiry into the apparent rise of so-called “pop-up” or temporary brothels. The phenomenon, where sex workers use Airbnb, hotels, or short-term holiday lets as a work base, has caused concern among politicians and the police.
Always interesting to see how those who 'know' prostitution never has and never will be expunged from the social register, still manage to build in provisos that allow them to tut-tut about the trade. Should prostitution be looked down upon when its staying power is clearly at least as compelling as the evolutionary resilience of a cockroach or a horseshoe crab, neither one of which generates a lot of social opprobrium?

PS. One of my favorite one-liners comes from Stephen Becker's (outstanding!) "The Chinese Bandit:" Approximately, one of the characters observes, "Whores do well for money what others do poorly for free." Not necessarily true, but it's snappy.

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