Saturday, April 11, 2009

monetary policy

New Post – Edit Posts – Settings – Layout – Monetize

That's what it says as I enter this cyberspace.


▸ verb: give legal value to or establish as the legal tender of a country ("They monetized the lira")

Clearly this Internet dictionary has not caught up with the 21st century. What once might have been "capitalize" (as in "capitalize on your abilities") is now "monetize," a word more likely to get the attention of someone who wants the money and probably doesn't know a lot of English.

For a moment when I read that invitation this morning, I thought about what sorts of ads might be placed on this blog. The blog is pretty narrow in scope, so well-shaped women with perfect teeth or some happy-hour of boozing or an improved motor oil ... I couldn't see it. Sex, which fits with just about anything, would probably be good: Religion and sex make good companions -- especially in the USA where there is a largely prurient view of sex and religion has a tendency to tch-tch over it. Maybe Millie's Escort Service or something equally titillating would do the trick (so to speak).

The problem with all of this idle chatter is that I don't much care for extras. Yes, I would love to get money for what I do anyway (I haven't yet gotten over writing), but, if I were a drinker, I would prefer my whiskey "neat" -- unadulterated by water or soda or Millie's blandishments. It's a failing, I sometimes think: If you want to talk about the issue, let's address the issue. The ordinary way is more often, let's talk about the issue in a way that will improve my status, reassure my ego, or some other side light. Solemnity is preferred over seriousness.

Anyway, the fins on the car don't get my attention as much as the car itself. But if everyone else is ballyhooing the fins, maybe I shouldn't be so stubborn. But my own narrow and narrowing way is to wonder: Wouldn't anyone like to take just one thing seriously in this life ... just get to the bottom of one thing without the solemnities? Tell the truth, whatever that truth might be? Lay off the secrecies?
Address the issue and not be deterred or sidetracked? Just one?

Well, I suppose this is a pretty dumb topic, although I have to admit that a couple of porn-parlor ads on a spiritually-oriented blog appeals to my naughty, giggly streak ... a sequined seraphim.

And what is writing if not fins on the car?

I guess I'll think about 'monetizing' matters ... but not much.

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