Monday, February 24, 2020

time is a convenience

Now and then, as now, after a nice meal of beef and rice and lima beans, I bask and glimmer like some piece of volcanic glass. I am almost 80 and eight is one of my numbers. What does it mean that it is "mine?" I don't know, but it is shiny and not yet really proud. Somehow it bristles quietly and black.

Time snickers forward and back in pinholes of brightness cast by a dancehall ball above the swooping herd. The gas station attendant appears in the driver's side wineshield and spits idly in the driver's face, the better to clean the random bug guts collected along a cross-country road. These days spit might be frowned-upon -- "nowadays," a time when a million solutions running hither and yon in search of an unnecessary problem.

Now-a-days. Then-a-days.

Time of time.

Time is a convenience, not yet a fact.

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