Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Donald Trump contracts disease he derides

Donald Trump, the president of the United States and a staunch opponent of wearing masks as a means of fending off the Covid-19 epidemic currently sweeping the world, has contracted the corona virus. Further, he has reversed course on granting financial relief to those poor bastards and bastardettes saddled with a love of a president who has bled them dry.

Why exultant Christians, who can be as idiotic as anyone else when the spirit moves them, are not dancing in the Gotcha aisles is beyond me .... or maybe I am not looking hard enough. God gotcha, honey!

The election is coming. When I nudged my wife about it, she grew mildly testy -- "I don't care who they elect," she said simply. It just doesn't matter, her tone said. Donald Trump has trampled all over the country he lives in and has milked. Before it went out of fashion, he would have been called a sociopath ... someone without affect for all others outside him/herself. Hanging Trump in some conspicuous archway, (à la Mussolini), based on his lies and misinformation and the suffering and confusion he has sown...


Benito Mussolini, 1945


But if you must spit, spit in the corner.

That, and, keep your eyes on the tax rebates Trump has organized (much like George W. Bush) in favor of the super-rich.


  1. Taking a straight bet Trump will lose Bigly.

    And a side bet he is declared incompetent by way of irrationality and incoherence.

    I prefer dramatic spitting. I appreciate it when crazy or angry people spit. Even in movies or on TV. Phlegm however belongs in the street or down the toilet.

  2. Try as I might, after nearly four years of the worst President in memory and probably American history, I can’t convince myself that it doesn’t matter who the President is or what his agenda is or how he behaves.

    I have never felt that way. But I do think that the better presidents work quietly to make things go smoothly so it SEEMS like it doesn’t matter.

    I dislike “Dirty Politics.”

    There are 10 Important Zen Buddhist precepts, one says something along the line of “Do Not Praise Oneself and Speak Ill of Others,” I wish politicians could live circumspectly and both represent the peoples's interests and become of service to the people.

    Vote Blue!

  3. You know Trump lies endlessly, right?
    I have seen headlines calling it a Black Hole of Lies.

    With that in mind I take every one of his assertions with a ton of salt.

    I do not accept the assertion that Trump, his wife Malignia and his son Barron have COVID. I do not deny it either. Certain things cause me to question it. Like not revealing his last negative test before his allegedly contracting COVID.

    The key is instead his can now claim he got it and recovered from it in a week. This fosters his team's horrible strategy of "Herd Immunity."