Sunday, November 15, 2020

missed the election

OK, I blew the end out of it.

Two days before the Nov. 2 election for president of the United States -- Donald Trump and Joe Biden presiding as presumptive candidates -- I elected not to turn on the TV. At All. And likewise for the two days after the election, which Biden won numerically and Trump currently will not concede. Trump was and remains an amoral used condom of a man ... and now 

Biden has to sweep up his mess.

People are reportedly hoarding toilet paper again ... let me get this straight: less food on American tables and people are hoarding toilet paper?

News organizations are scrambling, trying to figure out what, precisely they should be doing. News casters talk too fast as if whatever they were saying had no import so stuff in another fact. Me.... I watch lover-bunny Hallmark channel and an occasional real foreign movie divested of actresses without much makeup and anguish written all over them without much clue as to what the anguish is about and why anyone should give a shit.

The local newspaper did not elicit a sigh of collective AAAAAhhhhhhhh after Trump was swept away ... what? to become another Hughie Long?

My neighbor, a good-natured Christian named Joe was ripshit... he cussed. Something he rarely if ever does. Liberalism is a crock of shit ... look at the winning margins.

Ah well, this too shall pass as the epidemic swells and tempers flare.


  1. "More than 8.6 lakh children worldwide contracted measles last year, the highest in 23 years due to a lack of a vaccine." International News Saturday November 14, 2020 15:41 - InfoQuest News Agency (IQ)
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  2. Lionel Lin RongxiangDecember 8, 2020 at 9:14 AM

    Congratulations on the democratic victory.

  3. Speaking of missing, where are you, Adam? We need your keen candor in these toxic times. Sorry about the adjectives. Hope that you are well.

    1. Nora, Have you heard from Adam?

    2. No, but we are not acquainted. I simply read his blog because I admire his ponderings and his writing. I am concerned about his health these days.

  4. Adam, the waters are filthy rotten and mental diseases widespread, aggravating the vicious circle. Your present silence, the only effective treatment, is the increasingly rare gold. Not yellow. Gold. Hope you are well.

  5. Genkaku,
    Hope your extended silence going well.
    Hope to see you again.

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    1. Why on earth would Adam read this?

  7. I hated you, I loved you but thank you overall. Good bye Adam - speedy travels and blessings always. To you and those whom you love/d . FA

  8. Surely Adam will speak again. He has not gone away.

  9. May his soul rest in peace till we meet the souls of the departed ones when our time comes. Stay strong and focused. its part of life