Wednesday, November 26, 2014

suffering as the resistance to pain

To the extent that definitions ever helped anyone to take a leak in the morning, one of the definitions I have come to like is the definition of "suffering" as "the resistance to pain."

I guess I am using the word "suffering" as a Buddhist might, although, with advancing age and facts on the ground, it hardly seems necessary to add the word "Buddhism."

True, the definition above is irritating since there are so many juicy bits to "suffering," so many tears that are wet, so much caring for self and other ... and the word "resistance" suggests an act of will and control where a lack of control is so clearly a key element in complaints about "suffering."

Social righteousness may raise its head and suggest that if there is no resistance, everyone turns into an uncaring blob of existence ... everything serene and taciturn and uncaring. But that would just be more suffering, more resistance.

I wonder what is left when it is impossible to resist and impossible not to resist.

"Going with the flow" is certainly a money-maker, but tends to leave its participants flopping desperately, like a fish on the dock.


  1. My apprenticeship is almost over..goodluck with

  2. AhHa!

    So you're saying "May you be free from suffering" really means, "Fully experience Your pain"? I don't think so.

    Are you saying a caring visit & warm words do not relieve suffering a little? Probably not.

    You know that unless the pain is truly unbearable, "Relax and Breathe" does work.

    So that leaves, "Ain't Self Pity a Bitch?" And that's true too, right?

    Some much for airy fairies ideas, eh?

    May you be free from suffering and find help with your pain.