Thursday, January 16, 2020

getting my age straight ... I think

Today, thanks to a kindly money guy who has what change I have to jingle under his advisement, I learned that I was almost 80. "I know you hate labels, but ..." he prefaced his observation about my age ... "almost 80."

This is more serious than it sounds to any serious-minded person. I had lately been unsure if I were "69" or "70" ... and "80" was in the mix as well. Bill ironed those wrinkles out in our phone chat this morning. Bill has an adding machine and seems to know how to use it. I don't trust my math  skills AND there's no longer much I can do about the facts anyway.



I don't much like trusting outside sources, but Bill has always been a pretty straight shooter who's in a business that insists on the accurate use of an adding/subtracting machine. When I heard Bill's words, I felt a bit like George Carlin's disappointment comedified in his riff on a time when he stopped believing in God. What was he to do? As a former believer, what was he to believe in? He felt bereft. Finally, he said, he decided to believe in Joe Pesche. And I -- I decided to believe in Bill. Believing in others is a poor bet, but Bill is better than many....

So be it. What the hell -- time won't mind.

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  1. Jeepers, Wally, Mrs. Birmbaum said really messed up people go through 7 stages. You have 6 more whole stages to go. Wow! Glad have my own apartment.

    Shock and denial. This is a state of confusion, disbelief and numbed feelings,
    Pain and guilt.
    The upward turn.
    Reconstruction and working through.
    Acceptance and hope.

    You know, Wally, 80 does sound a lot older than 79, but 90 sounds a lot older than 80.


    Remember, don't go to Eddie Haskill's for spiritual advice, he's in jail. Also, do rely on anything George Carlin said on stage.