Monday, March 16, 2009


"Transmisconceptualism" -- I woke this morning thinking it ought to be a word, something an earnest Ph.D. candidate might use in a thesis full of semi-colons. Another long word with which to elevate the status of the user. Like the facial hair to which firefighters and shrinks seem disproportionately prone, it would be a word to use in a gathering with "symposium" in its title.

It came into my head with a silly sort of flavor: "Transmisconceptualism." It felt a little like some creation of "The Onion," the sometimes spot-on satirical news outlet that tweaks me into laughter when it is not too full of itself.

But of course "transmisconceptualism" would have to have a definition. And roughly, I guess it would be the idea that anyone might find his or her non-conceptual peace in precisely the concepts that were gumming up the works and making them unhappy ... the use of our own particular set of lies in order to find the unvarnished truth.

I know, I know -- it sounds too much like "Buddhism." But "transmisconceptualism" is longer than "Buddhism" and it makes the speaker sound as if s/he had a grasp of what s/he was talking about... just like "Buddhism."

It's weighty and refined -- "transmisconceptualism" -- and, assuming anyone were interested, needs to be put in the same category as "Buddhism" as a delicious and alluring misconception that longs to be worked through.

Once upon a time there was a vocabulary course that advertised by saying, "Use a word ten times in one day and it is yours." Today, I think I will practice using "transmisconceptualism."

Maybe it will become mine.

As if that were worth the powder to blow it to hell. :)

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