Tuesday, March 17, 2009

your genius

Be gentle with your geniuses. Think about it and be gentle.

Imagine -- if your geniuses thought they were geniuses, they would be idiots, just like the rest of us. But since you have decided they are not idiots -- that you need or want or insist on their genius -- at least be gentle about it.

Invite them to sit by your fire on a cold night. Offer your geniuses a cup of warm cocoa. Be at ease with them and allow them to be at ease with you.

And as a part of your gentleness, ask yourself, on behalf of your geniuses, who it is who ascribes and admires this genius. No need to make it a matter of genius. Just ask gently and see what answers arise.

Keep the cocoa warm on the stove. You never know who might drop in.

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