Sunday, December 5, 2010

chilly morning

It's 24 degrees Fahrenheit just now and I'm afraid that despite the electric radiator I turned on in the zendo last night, still there will be a nip in the air when doing zazen later. A woman who said she would let me know that she planned to come for sitting this morning has not let me know, so she won't have to shiver and wonder if Zen students have to freeze in the process.

Later in the day, a fellow has said he would come around to snoop the Buddhist terrain -- look at the zendo and perhaps we will grab a bite to eat. I'm not sure what sort of Buddhism he is after, but I guess I will find out. Or perhaps he too will not show up.

Funny how what was so earnest at the beginning -- as when making a date for example -- dwindles or shape-shifts in importance as time passes and what you said you would do is no longer something you are willing to do ... so, just forget about it despite what you said. I don't mind when people don't show up here as they suggested they would, but I wonder if they mind ... if they haven't let themselves down ... again.

Make a promise, keep a promise. And if you don't keep a promise, then be clear about it: I choose not to keep this promise. Don't be lazy and inattentive. Pay attention ... it works out better in the end.

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