Sunday, February 20, 2011

who are you?

No doubt there is a ready answer given whatever the circumstances are but then again, here are some cues:

Residence ... city/town, state, nation
Marital status
Preferred food
Preferred drink
Preferred company
Who/what makes you happy
Who/what makes you sad
Have you ever climbed a tree
Fallen out of a tree
Kissed a pig
Found money in the street
Followed a religion
Dispensed with a religion
Killed anyone
Been damn near killed by anyone
Raised a child
Were afraid of something irrational
Were afraid of something rational
Driven a large truck
Ridden a horse
Lassoed a cow
Said hello to someone famous
Said hello to someone infamous
Gone to a psychologist
Analyzed someone else
Watched a sunset
Watched a sunrise
Eaten stale pizza
Felt a smile clear through
Cried until dried
Thought of a whole lot of questions and left out a lot of others that could never define who you were?

Please use a No. 2 pencil. Put your pencil down when the monitor says to. You may now begin.


  1. I just learn in my degree class that this is called Semantic Nets. The way to use this is that.. in programming, they invent this thing called Object Oriented Programming, like Java, and every object has its own semantic net attributes which u can click and configure.

    I cannot use a No2 pencil on my monitor screen! It'll leave scratches!

  2. When I was in law school I used to have this huge novelty pencil that was like a foot and a half long. I would bring it to exams in the auditorium just to piss off the proctors (they were always these annoying old ladies) when time was up: "Hey you way up in the back row! We said to put down your pencils!"