Wednesday, January 29, 2020

daily life

For the past week or so, U.S. President Donald Trump has been hanging around with the wealthy nations of the world in Davos, Switzerland. The trip has put the president outside the impeachment- hearings bomb zone being aired ... and aired and aired and aired ... in the U.S. Senate.

Trump did manage to squeeze in a visit to Benjamin Netanyahu, erstwhile prime minister of Israel, who is being chased by those who want him nailed for various forms of corruption at home. Israel cannot indict a sitting prime minister, so there are those seeking to unhorse him and then nail his ass to the floor. Another dictator resting on the laurels of a staunch, right wing. The right wing flourishes. "Anti-Semitism" is once more twisted into a box that makes no reference to anyone less than a pure-bred ("the chosen" -- kinda like the "aryans" as it seems) Jew.

In the midst of all this, American basketball great Kobe Bryant died with his daughter in a helicopter crash yesterday. Even I, who doesn't care much about basketball, have heard of Kobe Bryant.

Is all this confusing? Trump will escape Senate censure ... too many well-off donors have been blessed by his tax cut on the wealthy and it is they who emplace 'democratic' representatives. The U.S. is for sale and the salesman of the month is ... Donald Trump -- the man who could find a price tag for damn near anything.

The moral sociopaths foregather.


  1. And there I thought daily life was about cooking and cleaning, tending the garden and exercising, and studying and meditating.

    Yeah. The Despicable Mr. Trump, His Masters and His Minions haven taken America to new levels of dysfunctional capitalism.

    Been looking for a book on Amazon & Barnes and Nobels -- "Surviving and Thriving in a Corrupt Government for Dummies."