Monday, September 14, 2020

a man of thin water

Donald J. Trump, a man of thin water and coincidentally the president of the United States is working his way towards an exit door -- exit into a new term/exit into leaving office. To date, he has dug himself such a deep hole of self-aggrandisment and lies, it is hard to imagine what his capping phrase might be ... what exit line would put a period ( on his sentence from his point of view.

Oh well, as I type, two rip-roaring storms are clawing at the underbelly of the Caribbean and headed for New Orleans and environs; fires are ravaging (not, for once, too strong a word) the west coast; and the flu epidemic that has killed 190+k Americans shows no sign of abating on the faces of newscasters whose desperation to have something to say is written all over their repetitive faces.

I loll and do what I can to bypass medical appointments: As when I was a lazy teenager facing a sink full of dirty dishes, "Why wash 'em -- they'll just get dirty again?" Yes, and there will always be another doctor ... why go?

Sit-down meals, if I judge from the bling advertising on TV, are fast becoming a thing of the past. They are being supplanted by ready-cooked-just-microwave them.

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