Thursday, September 17, 2020

bless Plato's shadows


I would beg if I could, but I haven't got the training -- begging is above my paygrade, somehow.

 But anyway: I would beg ... honest to God, I would.

Please, please, please consider:

The bright light in Plato's cave is alluring. It beckons and soothes and elevates and ... Lord, what a bright light twinkles up ahead! You may think I'm kidding. I'm not. PLEASE! Everybody wants to be enlightened. No one begs to be un-enlightened. No one prays for shadows. This is a major mistake that is utterly correct.

Shadows and light are co-equal ... and not... the same and different. Honor one, honor the other, and still there is no other.

Raise up the shadows.

Raise up the light.

Stop raising shit up.

Stop not raising shit up.

Mesh and meld with the shadows. Mesh and meld with the light. 

And now ... stop meshing and melding. 

Lord, bless the shadows.

Lord, bless the light.

Stop it! I'm begging you ... but as I say, it's above my paygrade and as a result, as ever in the past, you are stuck with the farm.

Raise up the shadows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!