Thursday, July 5, 2012

pit stop spiritual life

Whether the analogy holds any water or not, still today I wonder if most people do not regard their spiritual interests within a context of relief and release ... a rest stop on the high-speed highway of their lives ... a place to sit on the grass, take a leak, look at the sky, and stop applying an energy-sapping attention in the midst of vehicular danger. A pit stop of comparative peace. Everyone needs a break.

Relief and release ... who would not wish for such things?

And yet, to the extent they are attained, spiritual life is reduced to demagogy, dictatorship, and doubt. We've all been there, but the question that matters is, having been there, is it honestly a place a sensible person would want to stay?

Many say yes and do what they can to actualize hopes and beliefs by turning up the volume on such stated hopes and beliefs. The louder you are, the truer it is ... that kind of thing. It may not work in the end, but it sure gets other people's attention.

But it's a tricky matter because to the extent anyone relies on the hearts and minds of others, to that extent precisely the gnawing wish for relief and release will remain.

I think that, to the extent anyone is serious about their spiritual persuasion, there is a need to turn down the volume and make real or imagined pit stops a thing of the past.

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  1. I don't have a reply here, yet this post reminded me of formula 1 races vs tour de france road cycling. there's no "pit stop" implements as far as i recall in road cycling, yet in formula 1 races there is.

    what comes across my mind is a simple explanation, though not necessarily true or correct.

    .. in tour de france you have a start point with an end point, with mountains and slopes of all kinds in between. yet in formula 1 it's just the same circuit and like a bunch of hamsters the drivers go around in circles again and again for tens if not hundreds of times.

    the dilemma.. more like MY dilemma, is whether are we going around in the Zen-ish circles, or are we back to birth as a beginning, and for saints .. the "parinibbanas", or for laypeople, the "beyond".

    Gen, what sport still interests u these days?

    metta /\