Sunday, September 30, 2018

tax cut legerdemain

January's corporate tax cut from 35 to 21 percent was permanent. Individuals and small corporations saw limits on the tax relief offered by once-deficit-wary conservatives. Now, however, in a bit of political legerdemain reported by Politico:
The House on Friday passed a bill to permanently extend tax cuts for individuals and unincorporated businesses included in the recent GOP tax overhaul, even though not much more is expected of the measure legislatively.
The Senate has no plans to take it up. But backers in the House, who are exiting Washington for an extended recess of some six weeks before November’s midterm election, believe it will deliver for them politically. Polls show scant public support overall for the GOP tax cuts that took effect Jan. 1. But Republican voters overwhelmingly favor them, the polls also show.
Read the story and you will see that the Congress can just as easily withdraw the changes, which are offered as a sop to 'little guy' who was not so fortunate as the big corporations. Add to that the fact that the Senate will not address the House bill and you get ... squat.

I just mention all this in case someone out there feels s/he hasn't received a daily fucking.

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