Thursday, September 13, 2018

the movie "Island"

Nudity is only as sexy as the clothes anyone is wearing. Once you get down to nudity, well, it's all there and all obvious and ... there's nothing extraneous about it. It's not exactly "boring." Rather, nudity is just plain. It's like noting the sky is blue when the sky is blue.

Maybe the same can be said of death. It's only as dramatic and touching as the clothes it wears. Once death arrives, well, isn't that blue sky?
What interested (artist and filmmaker Steven Eastman) about filming in a hospice? “I realised that there weren’t a lot of films about end of life. I just thought: how strange that there are very poor descriptions of something as natural as death, that’s happening on every street. In the history of visual art, there’s so many depictions of deathbeds. Isn’t it interesting that it’s fallen out of the space of art?”...
I tell Eastwood I was expecting something more. He nods. Other people have said the same thing. “What’s interesting is there isn’t an image. You can’t see the dying. I think that’s fascinating, because to talk about how the film shows you the moment of death, I don’t know when that moment is. I’ve watched it over and over. I still find myself thinking: is he going to breathe again?”
"Island" opens in the UK tomorrow.

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  1. I'm given to understand that we all fear death. I do, or at least as Woody Allen put it, he didn't mind dying, he just didn't want to be there when it happened.

    I expect horror fans are folks who don't believe such horrific things possible, monsters, etc. But we all know death is possible, even if we try to ignore it. Maybe it's too scary to regularly represent.