Friday, June 19, 2009


Things walk away in their own time, I guess. Effort has nothing to do with it. Like it or not, they simply walk away.

Last night, at about 8:40, I gathered up my stuff in the office and headed for home. It was nothing unusual. Down the stairs, out the door, into the rainy parking lot, over to the car, out of the parking lot, onto the highway, attentive to the puddles that had accumulated in the rain. Another 20-25-minute drive, much the same as it had been for 20-plus years.

About three-fifths of the way home, I identified the sense that something was out of kilter in the car, some absence or incompleteness. I was not chanting. I had completely forgotten.

For 20 years, my ride home was a time for chanting, but last night ... I plain old forgot. Not that it changed the road in front of the headlights, not that it changed the rain or the windshield wipers, not that it was some grave error or failure of virtue ... but it was ... what? -- peculiar perhaps. Twenty-plus years -- poof!

It's the same for everyone, I imagine. Easy-peasy. No effort required.

Things walk away in their own time.

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  1. OK -- but I wouldn't say "easy-peasy" :p

    Safe driving, Adam.