Saturday, February 10, 2018

not old enough to vote? become governor

Teenage candidates for the Kansas governor race spoke at a forum in Lawrence in October. From left, Ethan Randleas, 17; Alexander Cline, 17, a candidate for lieutenant governor; Jack Bergeson, 16; Tyler Ruzich, 17; and Dominic Scavuzzo, 17. Credit Christopher Smith/Agence France-Presse - Getty Images
If Donald Trump can be taken seriously as the president of the United States, I see no reason why a teenager running for the post should not become the governor of Kansas. Never mind that he's not old enough to vote.
In a state where the youth voting rate is even worse than the dismal national average, more than half a dozen Kansas teens are running for statewide office in 2018 — a sort of viral movement against apathy that could, in theory, make a high school student governor.
Naturally, adults are trying to stop it.
Based on responses some youthful candidates gave to mainstream media, the young people sound straightforward. Whether they lack depth is hardly a question that needs asking in an era when prevarication seems to pass for historical perspective.

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  1. I've long been of the opinion that adolescence is it's own form of mental illness, delusional, impulsive, etc. But the crop of geriatrics we have running things now seem equally engaged in their second childhood. So I'm thinking little would change, dunno.