Sunday, March 15, 2020

more ,'n', more

The tale of a coronavirus pandemic is so rife that my older son told me he had sworn off social media a couple of times. Not a conversation or bit of information seems to arise without some reference to a disease that has swept the globe. There is no where to turn, no where to run. The I'm-never-going-to-die presumption of the young and healthy and millennial has run smack into the potential for infection, which is said to be disproportionately dangerous for the very young and those elderly people disposed to pre-existing conditions.

On the highway, when my wife and I went for a drive this morning around nine, there were few cars, though it's a Christian rest day. Hunkered and bunkered and the TV is full of one bit of frazzled news or another. Schools are closed, large gatherings like sporting events have been blockaded, Italy is on lockdown, and kids who may get their one good meal per day in school are under threat. People are advised to wash and rewash their hands and yet ... imagine it ... money is touched by a thousand thousand hands....

Donald Trump is lost in the muddle. His braggadocio looks weak. His lack of willingness or capacity to lead are shown up in the shadows of scientific facts. His willingness to find someone else to blame falls flat. Crowds are frowned on and yet everywhere there are crowds -- at airports and other venues. Proximity is contraindicated and yet huddling together is the longing.

It reminds me of a time in the army when the one thing that really scared me was a gas attack -- when the very air was rife with threat. News outlets are filled with a whole lot of nothing to say. News casters strain mightily, but ... it just doesn't work. No one knows. There's no buying our way out of sickness and death.


  1. Due to the current administration's incompetence and corruption and the president's compulsion to be mendacious and to practice gaslighting, and some media "outlets" desire to either capture attention or fulfill an agenda, it's better to proactively pursue the COVID-19 information from select sources. Formulate your own questions and use internet search engines.


    World Health Organization:

    Excellent data from John Hopkins:

    The COVID Tracking Project

    The NY Times coverage is solid:

    The Boston Globe's Coverage also seems sound

    You might like this blog by an Australian Virologist:

  2. Also, try to keep grounded using your favored means.

  3. Finally, we need to get at least somewhat involved politically.

    Given the information we have regarding the course of COVID-19 and reports across the country about the totally inadequate supply of masks, protective gear, complete testing kits and readers, respirators and ventilators we need to convince the executive branch to ramp up production using the "war powers act" _now_ as opposed to waiting for, what, thousands, tens of thousands of deaths.