Friday, March 20, 2020

pandemic .... again ... and.... again

In the darkness of early morning, a few lights adorn the lowest level of the mostly two-storey houses on my street. No one likes being shut in and, around the world, "shut-in" is an operative term as the "pandemic" that is COVID-19 flows here and there.

In Florida, colleges students on what might have been "spring break" frolic on the shores of a placidly-lapping gulf. It's older people most in danger, the news feeds insist. Pre-existing heart and lung problems ... well, Nellie bar the door! Many have died. Many have survived.

In Europe, Parisians and others tied to their domiciles, open the windows and sing their thanks to the "first-responders" ... garbage, ambulance, cops, and even some military. Someone's got to put their ass on the line and there are people willing to do so ... thank you very much.

Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York (state), has become a touchstone for those of us exhausted by the non-news news channels. Why he rings true, I'm not sure, but I know I was captivated as I listened to him ... and pissed as a red ant when NBC superimposed some 20-something reporter explaining Cuomo's encouragements. Cuomo and Trump ... what a pair ... Trump receding like a fart in a windstorm... well, never mind ... he did what the Republicans wanted him to do -- get 'em another tax break.

The garbage man came yesterday, a day or two out of synch. No one is shooting yet. Wall Street and its money launderings ... ah well .....

My wife goes to work, doing hospital intake on elderly exercises.
My younger son goes to work at a hospital 20 miles to the north. As a security guard waiting for an appointment to a police academy that can punch his working ticket.

I stay inside.
I am 80.
But not dead yet.

Shut down New York. Shut down California.


  1. My take

    * Be vigilant and proactive and do not passively rely on the media or government.

    * Cuomo is too glib. Trying to be the Corona Virus Guiliani.

    * Given their jobs our "essential" family members may be putting others in the home at risk. Take further precautions, if possible.

    Found another informative site:

    A complete guide to coronavirus charts: Be informed, not terrified

    Charts can mislead, misinform, and cause panic. Here’s how to become conversant in the language of data visualization—and better understand the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Good Luck To Us All!

    1. Cuomo not glib. He towers over Giuliani ... and over Drumpf. Not a fake leader. Heaven help us all.

    2. Not Glib?

      Here's an example:

      Early last week Mayor DeBlasio was saying the State of NY should issue a "Stay at home" order. After that Governor Cuomo went on a long winded rant using a "down home tone" about how it would be completely ineffective. How if he was a young man he would completely ignore the order. He actually said he'd go visiting family and friends.

      Several days later he did issue the “Stay At Home” order. He did not apologize for his earlier statement (which was, in part a put down of DeBlasio, in their ongoing dispute. He was also sucking up to Trump. ).

      Now he's actually chiding those who haven't gotten on board with the "social distancing."

      (Bear in Trump and FoxNews are partly to blame for this. Also, the young don’t always do what they are told. See Florida Soring Break 2020.)

      Look into Cuomo’s authoritarian style of “progressive" politics. I find it repugnant.

      Still, if you enjoy Cuomo's flavor of demagoguery, enjoy it to all our detriment.

  2. Wanted to share this, not my distaste for Cuomo.

    A decent gateway to COVID-19 Info.

    For any active pursuers of information.