Tuesday, March 24, 2020

uppity twerp

Do not stand idly in the wood.
Walk freely into the clearing and stretch out long.
Greet the sky as the sky greets you
And admire the certainty of your shadow.

Shadows are uppity as a teen.
So assured yet blind to the light
That makes the long, long lines
Of light-time dance and stretch.

Stretch out long and greet.
Soon enough the shadows reach
And stretch and cuddle in the light.
Uppity and assured,
Shake your booty
And laugh a little
Like the light.

Soon enough, the gloaming reaches
Out to touch and meld and weld and ...
And the and's are and-erful.
Uppity in the woods
Uppity in the clearing.

Shake the shadows from your fur
And greet until, perhaps, some
Future shadow makes its rounds.

Uppity twerp!

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