Wednesday, August 5, 2020

bits and pieces

Bits and pieces:

-- My diet of late consists largely of cottage cheese, liverwurst, orange juice, Ritz crackers, occasional sweet rolls ... and a few other dribs and drabs of utterly unbalanced ingestions. Last night I had some decent beef. Gobbled it up. And the night before some summer squash/zucchini. A square meal need not be dog food and left-overs.

-- I wear old-fart clothes -- sweat pants, T-shirt, and zip-up cardigan. Since I don't break a sweat, I shower once or twice a week. I seldom go outside.

-- I watch the feeding-frenzy (epidemic) news for as long as I can stand it, but eventually succumb to any old romance-comedy cum canned laughter.

-- I rely on an oxygen pump between fixes of black coffee and cigarettes.

-- I nap.

-- I may be wrong, but I think the word "hero" is blessedly being reduced. \

-- I am sick of newscasters giving me their opinions.

-- And do I look to Zen training for support? Not that I know of.

-- I didn't say any of it would make sense. Just trying to give some sense of one person's pastimes in time of epidemic.

-- I have lain, belly-flat to the earth in the woods, and drunk water that pooled as it sipped from the mountain's edge. A still, slow movement of almost pure black and cool and perhaps tainted by squirrel pestilence or some other, but anyway wet and so smooth as it touched my tongue. I cannot remember if, from that position, the water ran out my nose as it sometimes did for the horses when I would water them. Could I possibly want more than that wondrous touch ... sipping, sipping sipping? Shouldn't everyone be so blessed by such a perfection?


  1. Wish someone would take you for evening drives. Western Massachusetts is beautiful at this time of year.

  2. In my opinion your food preferences suck. Mine probably do too but in different ways.

    Napping is underrated.

    I dont personally know any heros. I like watching movies with super heros. I think they are now called powered people instead stripping out morality.

    Re; Being sick of newscasters giving me their opinions.

    You may watch more news than I. I like some suggestions about making sense out of some facts and assertions.

    Do you still have access to news wires?
    I visit Reuters and AP. Don't know if the "media" gets more access.

    I think Zen Practice is helpful when practiced. Perhaps more so when practiced with a compatible group. Like exercise, yoga, etc. after a time the effects of Zen Training wear off. with lack of diligent exercise, meditation etc. You become weak, flabby, stiff, distracted, etc.

    Why is it whenever Trump speaks I feel like he is 1. An Idiot, 2. A Liar, and 3. A Criminal?


  3. A Good Reason Why We Need Opinion in the Time of Trump:

    Fact check: Trump makes at least 20 false claims in Fox & Friends interview

    Trump presents wild, unmoored opinion as fact.
    Trump uses a technique called "Gaslighting” the key element is to get others to believe him instead of their own common sense, deductions, and intuition.

    In print media - your one time work world - theres a technique of laying out a situation “factually” but actually in a leading way is more "subtle." (Personally I don't like being manipulated.) Not sure "subtle" works in an hour of general news.

    Might be illustrative to walk us through a problematic segment, and how you would prefer to have it handled.