Saturday, August 1, 2020

half-assed bias

Even before the worldwide flu epidemic sank its public-relations talons into China in December 2019, a half-assed bias was circulating in my mind. Not serious, mind you, but still nudging: I really did not want to communicate with people who grew and hid behind au courant beards and likewise I vowed in a whisper not communicate with people sporting and failing to doff aviator glasses (often with mirror lenses). I was sick of not seeing the honest face of whomever I was talking with.

And then along came the virus and the preventive masks.

Masks on top of masks.


How was I supposed to be in an honest conversation with someone hiding in this way. Where was the bear-bottom person I blithely assumed I might be talking to?

Now, seven months into the "pandemic," many, if not most, are wearing masks. Since there is little or no contact anyway, the bias failed to get lift-off. Everyone's hidden. And if everyone is hidden, is anyone really any longer "hidden?"

I still don't like it, either as fashion statement or health-provider. Beards.

Where you at????

Yes, yes -- I know: Beards are fashionable as well as being health-reminders. In fashion....

I still don't trust you, whether or not you play sports.

As I say -- not serious. Just nudging ... like my old stand-by's about people with blue eyes or blond hair ... weak.

What a lot of tripe my mind confects.

PS. A spate of hot weather lately ... 80's into the 90's F. And humid in large measure. Hurricanes are brewing between Africa and the Caribbean and the plain old flu season lurks. Thank goodness the air conditioning hasn't yet gone down. Poverty creeps and nips up the economic ladder. Jobs are lost. Financial safety nets are withdrawn.

Keep your eyes on the prize ... George Bush and then Donald Trump accomplished the one thing the wealthy wanted -- a reduction in taxes. Everything else is eyewash.


  1. Genkaku, you are of the few who evidently agrees that Trump is right in calling COVID-19 the China Flu.

    Didn't think you were either in the anti-science crowd, or the a-science crowd. Evidently the essential element is habitual resistence to science, research and precision.

    Trump assertions and Tweets have validated the simple fact that not all opinions are created equal and that neither celebrity nor notoriety assure correctness, nor does simple uncorroborated assertion.

    Coming at it sideways with beards and a vague references to political agendas doesn't give you a pass.

    COVID-19 is not the Flu!

  2. More on the "Flu" and COVID-19
    From the CDC for whatever that's worth these days.

    Less irritating and a bit more descriptive, if redundant if you call it the COVID Virus.

    Trump's strong but totally ignorant assertions and missteps regard the disease and its impkicatiibs are themselves worthy of impeachment.