Tuesday, August 11, 2020

haircut and Joe Biden

 A spate of hot, humid days (90+ F) passes sluggishly into the past. Today. my son cut my hair with the clippers and I showered.

In my time, what was once the swelling of a breast displayed discretely in a little decolletage has evolved on TV movies into everything but male genitalia. Naked women, though not common, are now on display here and there. Cuss words are all in order in those same movies -- including the dreaded "fuck," though not, in these days of "black lives matter" sensitivity, the word "nigger."

The Democrat candidate for president, Joe Biden, today chose Kamala Harris, a brown woman from California, to be his running mate. All of the women who were on Biden's list of possible mates were strong people and bound to piss off the incumbent president of the United States, Donald Trump. How nice it is to have Harris, 55, backstopping Biden, 77. The vice-presidential slot is reserved, someone once observed, for a warm bucket of spit ... but it's toasty. She seems like a sharp pencil.

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