Wednesday, July 4, 2012

improving on improvement

Of all the cobble stones of good intention laid down in pursuance of a happy life, I wonder today if "improvement" is not the one most capable of upsetting a smooth and easy passage.

Improve, improving, improved, improvement.

Certainly there is change: Any nitwit knows that.

Certainly there is effort: Your life is so hard that it has never been tried before and the woes of the world clamor with each and every sunrise.

I can hear the hopeful mob, gathering up thatch and flint, yowling to burn the heretic at the stake: To question a 'better' world, an 'improved' world ... ah, it is just to heinous for words. I will not argue with those who imagine an argument or debate or disquisition can assure a happy life.

But still I think it is worth a second look, a closer an more loving look ... an utterly personal look.

Improve, improving, improved, improvement.

What do you say?

1 comment:

  1. I walked into a zendo because something in my life felt missing, something was/is wrong, and hoped for improvement.I think most people do. 12 years later, the hope is still there but probably not as intense but its there right now, I can feel the gnawing sensation of it.