Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Paul Sena

I sent what I had written about a hot air balloon ride a couple of posts back to Paul Sena, the balloon captain. He was kind enough to respond and I tacked his remarks on the earlier post, but thought they were wonderful enough to stand in the spotlight on their own:

Adam, I enjoyed you and your son  on the flight last night and your words reflect a lot of what ballooning is about. I like to think of flying as the extension of my art training and 50 plus years of farming the land in Worthington. Every flight is different and creative, and for the brief time that we glide through the sky, everyone's perspective  changes as if looking through the eyes of a hawk, in timeless flight, looking to be gently set back down into the loving arms of mother earth. You and your son are now, bottom dwellers in the sea of air. Soft landings, Paul
"Bottom dwellers in a sea of air" ... now that hits the spot!

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