Sunday, January 9, 2011


Just finished watching this wonderful, if a bit bewildering, movie about 4th century Alexandria, a woman mathematician/philosopher, and the frictions among Christians, Pagans and Jews. Luckily the movie was made abroad -- in Spain -- so there was a willingness to concede that intellect is a part of man's capacity ... just like stupidity. Few of the actors were recognizable, which gave the movie a greater seriousness and less diversion in my mind.

I am a sucker for movies from another time -- the clothes, the tools, the statuary, the music. But I did have a hard time getting the factions sorted out. But that was over-ridden by the fact that there are actual characters with character in the movie.

I am not describing this as well as I might, but, for movie mavens, I imagine you can look it up on Wikipedia and consider whether it would be worth a $3-rental risk. I would say a definite "yes." When was the last time you saw something intelligent?

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  1. Thanks for recommending this movie!

    It is a very well done movie! Never heard or read about it last year.

    I in turn highly recommend it.

    (There are several reviews on the 'net that describe the movie far better than I can do in a minute or two.)