Friday, January 28, 2011

a silly

Received in email ... nothing like a little sound-bite sociology to begin the day:


1. The  sport of choice for the urban poor is  BASKETBALL.

2 The  sport of choice for maintenance level employees is  BOWLING.

3 The  sport of choice for front-line workers is  FOOTBALL.

4 The  sport of choice for supervisors is  BASEBALL.

5 The  sport of choice for middle management is  TENNIS.

6 The  sport of choice for professionals, corporate executives and officers is  GOLF.

The  higher you go in the  corporate structure, the smaller your balls  get.


  1. I wonder how it is within stages of enlightenment. Is there a higher or lower? Sizes of success or failure?

  2. And then there was this email keep-your-balls-clean commentary:

    Why is it that the older I get, the more I recognize I'm still in the third grade?

  3. We are going to complete happiness which exists free of suffering that cannot be attributed to cause, and we passed effect, effort off as children. Kind of like passing gas, just laugh more openly, before, during and after.

  4. Of course this is just a joke, but I am sometimes sad and worried that I can't fit in. And maybe I gave up too many opportunities now to succeed. The politics the games. What a pipedream, everywhere is the same. It's just the nature of human relationships. I'm so scared of losing my own security.

    Woods - good to see you !!! As always.

  5. Not fitting in can be celebrated, any form of unique individuation opens so many doors in that we learn to accept now what was previously rejected, or lost. It is not about winning and losing, but losing and finding. Finding the time to be within lost silence, is a gift, from the unknown.

  6. smiles. How beautiful and yet I don't know how to go about it sometimes. I am back in a 'Career' and yet it is the last thing I want. But the money, yeah I want that.