Friday, January 21, 2011

the smile exercise

Awoke this morning thinking it might be a pretty good exercise -- just for one minute or five:

Every time you catch yourself thinking "I" (or any of its corollaries ... "me," "mine," "right," "wrong" etc.), smile.

Just for one minute.

Best I can figure, if this were a well-nourished habit, you'd be smiling all the time. And so would I. And so, even if the world continued on its sometimes-horrific courses, at least there would be some laughter.


  1. Beautiful. Thanks, on a side note, I also woke up thinking or maybe it was experimenting with a similar type of expose...just putting it away for a little while.

    Breathes. Gassho.

  2. I liked this post , this is something I've been wanting to try out and work on :) Anita

  3. Actually I am afraid to try this when-I-think-of-myself-then-smile exercise because the smile might turn into a rictus, or some kind of bizarro nervous behavior.

    But have fun with it yourself. Let us know how it goes.