Saturday, January 8, 2011

smoke screen

It snowed last night -- not much, maybe three or four inches, but enough to require shoveling. I will have to shovel if I want to get out a car and drive to the peace-picket site. I am really not in the mood, though shoveling a path to the zendo seems sensible and carries no similar weight in my mind.

I start by writing about the snow and consider writing about the only time I ever made money when betting at the horse track, but that is pretty much a smoke-screen for what is churning around in my mind this morning ... a despicable turn taken on the Eido Tai Shimano blog thread. I don't want to write/think about it at length here because I don't want to start some secondary discussion, some diversion, from the thread itself. I got at least one email suggesting I shut the thread down, and lord knows I have thought of that more than once. No one suggested deleting the offending post, but I am sure it is in the back of some minds.

Yes, it was a despicable post, and yet the responses of outrage and kindness were as much a part of the entire situation as the despicable post itself. Human, human stuff ... which is part of the reason I started the thread at all -- to get the humanity of the situation on the record. Not just the high-hat ethical considerations, but the raw humanity...the stuff of honest sangha.

Well, it would probably clear my mind to have some breakfast and shovel some snow ... which I will do now.

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  1. Isn't is about dotoku, gaining weight of truth and sincerity. It begins with renunciation and eventually yields to the paramis as resistance ends more or less. Where is this in evidence in these interchanges? Sad, but with an opportunity do get up and do better.