Friday, March 22, 2013

falsely accused

Is there a nightmare worse than being falsely accused -- of having to live with the mistaken judgment of the society in which you find yourself? In human terms, it is a horrific ostracism... horrific and no where to escape, no reprieve in view ... Jeeeesus!

In New York, David Ranta was sentenced in 1990 to 37 years in prison for the murder of Rabbi Chaskel Werzberger. A review of his case found the evidence flimsy and the investigation flawed. The lead detective in the case, Louis Scarcella, said he never framed anyone in his life.
"You have to be a low devil to frame someone. I sleep well at night."
Falsely accused and 23 years in prison to ingest and digest and regurgitate the bile of it all. What a nightmare ... a nightmare some are never blessed to wake up from.

In spiritual life, I wonder if it might not be the same: Falsely accused within or without of being somehow "deluded" or "ignorant" ... unjustly accused or acclaimed ... and no judge in the world or beyond to reverse the ruling.

What a nightmare.

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  1. Weren't nearly all of the main spiritual aspirants such as Jesus misunderstood, falsely accused?

    With no other yardstick than falsity, I'm sure it was not fun.

    But perhaps their insights gave them the solace, and if their practice is true, I think they have another type of solace too...perhaps an even more encompassing one.