Thursday, May 28, 2015

making a donation

I honestly cannot figure out why I did it. With all the needs in the world, some of them tragic beyond naming, somehow this one got to me and I made a small donation in support of a local high school senior who supports her mother with a part-time job. Her mother has Stage 4 cancer.

The computer bucked and balked as I wove my way through a GoFundMe web site that would allow me to donate to Sylvia Hemminger and her daughter Hayley Hemminger-Martin. The machine kept warning me about the insecurity of the site. Somehow, I was willing to take that risk. Something just grabbed me -- perhaps the idea of a teenager on the cusp of her adult life being confined in a little-room-to-ramble arena of sickness ... a bastion of childhood turned into something in need of buttressing.

The reasons and possibilities for why I made a donation dangle like the tentacles of some Portuguese Man o' War jellyfish ... each stinging tendril defining a part of the foundation but none encompassing the whole.


Because I read a newspaper article?


The only sassy response I can find is, "Oh grow up! Why not?!"

1 comment:

  1. At 18, Hayley should be out defending her boobies from amorous adolescents, not sitting by a sick bed. But there are kids in the world who have it worse. Life just happens, and sadly, humanity rarely makes things better.