Wednesday, May 27, 2015

religion loses its helium

Passed along in email was this National Catholic Reporter essay by

 I found it an interesting and clearly-written depiction of a niggling sense I have had lately ... suddenly religion and the authority it once wielded is being relegated to the status of cap pistols and dolls ... very important in their childhood time, but now somehow drifted-away. And I have a sense that it is not the righteous atheist egg-throwing or even the pedophile priests or other negative p.r. that made it happen  ... it just drifted and shifted like some dulcet sunset.

It feels like acne ... something to find compelling in its moment and yet eventually outgrown.

On the one hand I am pleased. On the other, given the culture I grew up in, I am flabbergasted.

Religion loses its helium.

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  1. The Catholics were late comers to these shores, arriving with the Irish and Italian emigre's. America was always more protestant than anything else. And that's still an influential voting block as the preacher directs and they turn out. But with all of that, i'd say our moral compass was directed by reality TV these days.