Sunday, September 16, 2018

plump and entitled

It seems to have no basis in fact -- I kind of Googled around -- but nevertheless, the thought keeps nudging...

That I grew up in a time when recollections of the Depression meant people tended to be thin, as when there was not enough to eat and people scratched out or eeked out a living .... but whatever they did, they made something, created stuff and had no real laurels to rest on.

And that I grew into a time of entitled plumpness, one in which there is an overly-generous sense that each and every person deserves whatever s/he wants and gets to whine if s/he is denied it.

Oh yes, and while we're at it, keep the joking politically-correct. No more Polish jokes, thank you very much. No more smiles about broad-brush considerations of men or women or whatever.

It's just a thought that I think is flummoxed.

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  1. Everything's on tap for many americans but not all. As to political correctness, the majority seem to feel it's ok to denigrate others, especially under trumps influence I imagine.