Friday, November 15, 2019

journalistic dream team

It's the second day of "impeachment" hearings in Washington. They're rioting in South America. Hong Kong awaits the iron fist of China. It's all important, but I have a hell of a time detemining what, exactly, "it" is.

Jeepers, creepers.

Since fantasy football is acceptable these days, I thought I would start compiling a fantasy news team -- a grouping of people who remain somehow top-drawer in my ill-informed book.

1. Mark Shields -- a reporter's reporter.
2. Rachel Maddow -- a woman who seems never to run out of ways to ask the question without ever stating it: "Are you shitting me?!"

The rest of the reportorial prairie seems to be peopled by well-made-up and well-paid players who have good dentists. I guess there are others that belong on my list, and perhaps I will add to it, but these two strike me as remaining true to some form of journalistic quality... and a willingness to smile or even laugh.

Connect the dots, and do it in mouth-sized portions.

I don't really understand: Don't I get to understand what the fuck is going on?

Is it possible that a latter-day version of the "Valentine's Day Massacre" is needed ... just take 'em out behind the barn and shoot 'em.


  1. Understand

    Perhaps you’re approaching it all wrong.

    I hardly understand anything. So when faced with not fully understanding highly complex situations my lack of understanding is ... understandable.

    For example I don’t understand grass, flowers or even potatoes.

    1. Real "understanding" is at the intersection of physical science, social scirnce, philosophy and religion. It is rare if not impossible.

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