Saturday, November 9, 2019

Trump for sale?

Of note of late:

1. The piece of apple pie my neighbor Joe gave me the other day was THE BEST PIECE OF APPLE PIE I HAVE EVER EATEN. The pie was so good that plans to share it evaporated as I inhaled it. To run into "the best" anything at the age of 69 is rare as hen's teeth.

2. I can no longer watch the news. Specificially, I cannot keep up with the impeachment players and more than that, everyone on the news shows seems to talk too fast. Literally, I cannot keep up. Literally, I am confused. Literally, it's no longer worth the price of admission. It all seems important and my brain cannot absorb and process that seriousness. I feel better when I stop trying to keep up and I like feeling better.

3. I am sick of being confused.

This passed-along satire (why is it satire?) eased the gaff a bit:

NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report)—The former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg upended the 2020 Presidential race on Friday by offering Donald J. Trump ten billion dollars to leave the White House by the end of the day.
“I will deposit ten billion dollars into your account in Moscow, Riyadh, or wherever you do your banking these days,” Bloomberg announced. “All you have to do is go.”
In addition to the ten-billion-dollar offer, Bloomberg told Trump that he would cover the moving expenses of Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, Kellyanne Conway, and any other associates “that you haven’t already gotten rid of.”
On Capitol Hill, congressional Democrats expressed sadness that Bloomberg’s offer, if successful, would eliminate the need for impeachment, which many of them had been looking forward to.
But Representative Adam Schiff of California struck a more philosophical note. “If ten billion dollars gets rid of Donald Trump, that’s a quid pro quo I’m okay with,” he said.


  1. Speaking of the news, a friend says he understands and retains more if the TV News is on as he allows himself to fall asleep while watching. He knows about the same BS as I do. Sleep watching doesn't seem to work for me
    Maybe hes a goid candidate for subliminal learning.

    I reject confusion: I tell myself my bullshit detector is still functioning fine. If the talking heads can’t explain it clearly, they don’t really understand it. If the news doesn’t ring true, the talking heads are repeating lies. Tried on Fox, MSNBC and CNN. When the commentators aren't from NYTimes, WAPO, or from the Watergate era they are usually full of gas.

  2. Here’s kinder, gentler advice about confusion:

    A quote from the above page:

    “Nobody can give you wiser advice than yourself.”

    You think Lin-ji (Japanese: Rinzai) had a chance to study Cicero?