Tuesday, November 5, 2019

viva the victims

Sent out but apparently not making the cut:

Is anyone else sick of “victims?” I am. It seems that not a day goes by without some new and improved victim to point out and parse.

Donald Trump is a victim.
A woman who had her behind grabbed 20 years ago is a victim.
Liberals are a victim.
Democracy is a victim.
Israelis, like Palestinians, are a victim.
Empathy is a victim.
Black lives matter … another victim.
Conservatives are a victim.
The economy and weather and ecology are a victim.
Choir boys and priests are a victim.
Those who live in the stratosphere of wealth and the perennial magma of red ink are victims.
Free speech like speech sequestered is a victim.
News outlets are a victim.

Pick your day.
Pick your victim.

Dawn breaks and I’m in no hurry to enter full consciousness, not least because I know it will entail bringing my attention to some newly-revised world of victim-hood. Whether it’s the moral cowardice of the White House or the black-face someone donned as a teenager in the distant past, I can feel it out there, waiting like a catamount: I am the victim. Sleep is preferable in those early hours. Victims await.

Well, I’m tired of it and offer a possible world of pushback for those who may likewise be sick of victims and victim-hood. It’s just a small exercise that declines the bait.

Take it slow. Take it a step at a time. Take a page from the Christian playbook. I have no special preference for or against Christians, but good advice is where you find it: On the seventh day, God rested. If God can rest, so can man and taking a break from victim-hood might be a good starting point. So….

Today, for just five minutes perhaps, practice imagining that no matter what happens, there is no victim. Hell, it’s just five minutes. Since nothing is going to change, you might as well go with the flow. This…is…it. Just five minutes. Or even one.

No victims need apply.

And when the minute or five is complete?

We now return you to your scheduled broadcast.

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