Thursday, May 21, 2020


Clear blue and yet strangely malevolent, the sky streams east and west, north and south.

Grass and weeds fill the front patch: The guy who used to do my lawn has moved on to a more full-time job. I am glad for him and his family and sad for me .... the weeds gain purchase in the sunshine.


There is no turning on the news without the epidemic being all the news all the time. Newscasters look uniformly frazzled. What can they say but "and...?" It's a lovely sky.

Today is Thursday, I remind myself lest I forget. Wednesdays and Thursdays are my confused times, it seems.

Yesterday, my younger son and I planted impatiens flowers in the front ... a dot of color in a choking, weed-stoked grassland. A dull drum beat and...and...and...and...

News casters ... now stymied in the habit of predicting the future ... no one knows. If we had a president, there would be something to know, perhaps, even if it were wrong. Donald Trump refuses to wear a mask, a precaution most scientists seem to recommend.

Yesterday, I read somewhere that Donald Trump is wending his way towards death, since he has tried so many other poses.

As a footnote, here's Reuters as of May 24, 2020:
Total COVID-19 cases worldwide
5.28 million
Total COVID-19 deaths worldwide
Total recoveries worldwide
1.98 million
Highest total cases
United States
1,626,658 cases
Highest death toll
United States
96,887 deaths

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  1. My lawnman was great his work seemed like some kind of effortless effort. But he kept raising his prices. One day announced his retirement to Florida. I never was able to find out why he was so good. It seems Home Depot does not sell his effective seeds or weed killer. No idea how he cut the hedges so straight either.

    But effort and hope never die.

    As found in email from one of those sign-ups you get when you visit a web site. I've found a few sites consistently interesting. LifeHacker and The Spruce are two.
    List of Good Weed Killers:
    Let us know if you pick a good one.