Tuesday, May 26, 2020

what if it were enough

What if, instead of wishing more had been accomplished or needed to be accomplished and therefore it were desirable to stay alive ... what if what exists is already enough and it were clearly time to simply hang up the towel?

I hitchhiked across the country twice.
That's enough.
I read perhaps 200 books about the Russian Revolution.
That's enough.
I sang in German and learned to kiss a woman's hand.
Isn't that enough?

Is "more" somehow necessary? Why? Isn't this enough? The cup is full, why keep trying to fill it?


  1. Maybe it's not quite full as long as there is some little something to look forward to -- one more kiss, glimpses of your children, another dollop of cottage cheese?

  2. Is it good to stop striving to be diligent, even when it's difficult?

    "Just pick yourself up and get back in the race."
    -- Dean Kay and Kelly Gordon

    "Stop being a whiny little bitch."
    The Shallow Zen Master