Friday, May 29, 2020

hug me, I'm lethal

Across the street, Joe's wife Pat (or anyway I assume it's Pat), has plugged in one of those election lawn signs. It reads, "you are loved." Is that warming? I suppose so. The air is alive with the sounds and sights of what passes for loving kindness. Heaven knows a little relief is warranted as the coastal focus on the corona19 virus shifts away from the coasts and litters the inlands where there is less sex appeal and news organizations are not known for coverage.

A lot of cozy and gushy going on in media and in my neighbor's yard. "You are loved." There are more "heroes" than there are heroes to fill the shoes. Everyone is saying thank you to everyone else. In the midst of a dulling deep freeze, a wisp of warmth. "Courage" is on everyone's lips. "God" lurks and no one asks who might be creating this god.

And now the hard, dull and dulling part kicks in ... the long, slow slog through the unsexy, un-enormous hinterlands of headlines. Everyone's scared to go out and yet petrified of staying in. New York and California have given way to Brazil ... and the United States is stuck with ...?????... Nebraska and Idaho? ... who in the United States even knows where these states are? It's like the Dust Bowl that the coasts ignored because, well, hell, that's out there and it ain't here.

And through it all, Donald Trump is called the "president of the United States." 

In the midst of all this, the presidential election of 2020 edges closer and closer. Where three months ago, that might have been news, now it is hind-tit fodder: Who gives a shit when everyone's wearing a mask and feels pinioned within and without?

A while back, everyone was hoarding toilet paper? I couldn't figure out why then and still can't ... what will hoarded toilet paper do to ease the burden? 

Oh well,  "You are loved."

For some reason, I think Reuters' penchant for printing "recoveries" (a solo act it seems) is important though I'm not sure just why.

Data as of May 29, 2020 6:17 AM (GMT)
Source: Reuters research 

Total COVID-19 cases worldwide
5.82 million
Total COVID-19 deaths worldwide
Total recoveries worldwide
2.35 million
Highest total cases
United States
1,724,074 cases
Highest death toll
United States
101,372 deaths
Full Global Tracker | U.S. Tracker


  1. I’m not so sure just what, “Donald Trump is called 'the president of the United States'" means.

    1. Apparently no one is contesting that he won the election legitimately through the Electoral Process. That made him president.

    His disapproval rating is 54% or thereabout.

    His favorability rating among college age students is about 38%.

    His approval rating is perhaps as high as 38% in predominantly African American communities. Trump organization is actually applauding that number.

    3. He has already been impeached.

    4. He must now have become the most disrespected president in history. Ever watch late night TV? Cant even find any pro-Trump political humor.

    5. His favorability rating worldwide is basically in the toilet.

    I think that if we had a mechanism for a vote of popular "No Confidence" he would have been ejected from office.

    It is clear the framers of the US Constitution did not foresee a Sociopath / Con Man using Gaslighting Techniques on a Daily Basis getting as far as Trump did.

    Its not so much he is called POTUS, the problem is that he actually wields the power of POTUS.

  2. Well, we still have to respect the rank even if we dislike the person.