Saturday, May 16, 2020

other times, other fashions

Of late, a couple of marbles rolling around in my mind:

1. When I was a kid, a "doughnut" was still a "doughnut" until it morphed (kool, dontcha know) into a "donut" (1950's?)

2. Kids were generally issued a new pear of blue jeans at the start of a school year. Rips and tears were often carefully patched and stitched by caring mothers. No one let the rips remain as a statement of status or whatever the rips these days are supposed to stand for. Few, if any, had any more than a single pair of jeans and the ones they had always needed to be washed a couple of times to shrink them down to the size of the wearer. "Levi's" were the only sort of jeans (and they came off the shelf starched to a faretheewell ... almost two sizes too big and the people who wore them seldom had a foreign accent.


  1. Where have you been?

    At least grouse about saggy pants and (dental) griilz.

  2. We used to call them dungarees, not blue jeans. And my (public) high school, in the sixties, did not allow us to wear them to class. They were regarded as after-school attire. Ou sont les neiges d'antan?