Friday, July 16, 2010


Off to the hospital in 40 minutes to get my heart shocked back into a healthier rhythm. If the procedure -- tried twice in the past with varying degrees of longevity-success -- works, I may be able to delete some of the mounting medications that go with age ... a walking pharmacological experiment.

Doctors and pills. Those who are aging know the drill. Those who are not yet convinced they are aging are probably lucky ... if in for a surprise. Strange that as the number of doctors and pills increases, the sense of usefulness -- the reason to see doctors and take pills in the first place -- seems to wane and I get irritated by those bushy-tailed smarm merchants who prattle, "Life is precious." Life isn't precious, for heaven's sake: Life is just life.


  1. Genkaku,

    Good luck with your electrifying procedure!

    Amazing to think what the people involved with health care come up with. One of my great grandmothers was a healer who used prayers, the laying of hands, and at times leeches. According to her daughter, they worked. Somehow this sounds like modern day leeches.

    Why is it that Zen Buddhists except for Hakuin and the bamboo playing monks not practice healing meditation outside of the occasional chanting practice?

    Likewise Zen Buddhists don't seem to even reach outside of their tradition over to other Buddhist traditions to actively cultivate "compassion" and "cheerfulness." "Thusness" may be over rated or misunderstood.

    * * *

    Actually I am more concerned that you seem to be at a crossroads regarding the feeling of "usefulness." Perhaps, as you learned to apply effort, patience and acceptance in painting shutters, you'll learn either a new form of usefulness, or, perhaps even the art of uselessness (i. e. an art form that is just seemingly useless).

    In any case, again, good luck with your procedure.

  2. Best wishes Adam...Life is life and its an interesting place to be particularly with you in it with us.


  3. Jump starting hints: Remember the large post is positive and the small (negative)is ground. Don't let them mix them up or you will start and run backwards. Certainly don't need that after all these years of spiritual endeavors and shutter painting, a Tibetan practice I believe.

    Be well Ole Bro, Tamcho

  4. Yep.

    As we get older our attention and time is drawn to things some of us rather not think about or know about for example --arrthymia.

    Arrthymia. Sounds like something a music theorist or satirist made up, doesn't it? I wish!

    Hope the procedure works and lasts a good long time this time around.

    Best wishes!

  5. Be well Adam,
    Had a friend who had that done while back while on vacation in Florida. She was in her thirties, so it can happen at any any age.

  6. Wish I could get my meditation practice Jump started" But since I can't I'm just going to have to rely on you for helpful tips :)Anita

  7. Thanks, all, for the words of encouragement. If you ask the doctor, things went fine and, while I'm not yet dancing, the shut-up-while-I-electrocute-you drugs produced some rich dreams and a much-needed rest.