Tuesday, July 27, 2010

one liar to another

An email this morning made me think:

Usually, we mewl and pine for the "truth" and set up barriers against the "lies." But for anyone who is serious about spiritual endeavor, the "truth" is an obstruction: The important part is to get to the bottom of the lies.

As the old saying goes, "If someone tells you 'it's free,' grab your wallet!"

Ditto the "truth."

This is just one old liar talking to another.


  1. Anthony Demello said "dialogue" is only possible when all participants concede that they are just as foolish (I'm an ass and you're an ass) as everyone present.

    Talking is, as you say, the province of liars.
    And,so often, excellent company.

    The telling of tales is an ancient and esteemed lineage. It proudly marches backwards into and beyond the very mists of time. And we all sign up as soon as we open our mouths and speak.

    Imagine that.

    If ever you or I or anyone "gets to the bottom of the lies" what will be found or left to say?!

    If it's truth, then what?

  2. Reminds me of an old schoolyard ditty:

    Oh, McCarthy is dead
    And McGinty don't know it;
    McGinty is dead
    And McCarthy don't know it.
    They're both together
    Upon the bed
    And neither one knows
    If the other is dead.