Saturday, April 16, 2011

"I don't try to outguess God"

Storms walloped the Midwest and South beginning Thursday and left 17 people dead in four states. By Saturday, tragedies little and large emerged in the storms' wake.

Back in Boone's Chapel in Alabama, Henley Hollon talked about his family with Gov. Robert Bentley, who visited to comfort victims. The two looked at Hollon family photos that neighbors had pulled from debris scattered over a quarter-mile, as Hollon told Bentley he and his wife didn't have time to get into a hallway when they realized the tornado was hitting.
"If God wanted us, we was in the big room, where He could have got us," Hollon said. "I don't try to outguess God."
I don't try to outguess God. What a nice idea. But what would it be like if people didn't try to outguess God? Aside from anything else, churches would lose their meaning and disappear, I imagine. Such institutions are in the business of outguessing God, I think.

Does such a sentiment betoken a kind of stunned fatalism or warming determinism or does it betoken something else?

I don't know. I just thought it was an interesting comment.

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