Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I guess it's not surprising, but every once in a while there a bits of light that shine through the foggy picture that Americans are given about Israel, its virtues, and its depredations. A Washington Post article scans US maneuvering and manipulation at the U.N. in behalf of Israel, a client state whose sacrosanct actions in the Middle East are woven and rewoven in US agitprop news coverage ... and can be cited as a factor in the prolonging ad nauseam the suffering and death in that part of the world.

At a personal level, it puts me in mind of the street-savvy observation that if a thing is too good to be true, it's simply not true. And the mirror-image is also worth the price of admission -- if a thing is too evil to be believed, it's not worth the energy to believe it.

In one way or another, I suppose we all have our Israels.

Both points of view, to the extent that they hold water, point back to an investigation by the person doing the observing. Who is willing to investigate their own judgments and opinions and beliefs? It takes energy and courage. Everyone might like to think they had courage, but, well ... look at the results ... in the lives of others ... and in the mirror. The price for failing to investigate is war of one kind or another.


  1. Speaking of puppet-states, apparently (Margot) Honecker paid an official state visit to (Raul) Castro in Havana yesterday, which reminded me of an old joke:

    A man goes to see his lawyer back in the old GDR, and says he wants to have his name changed. The lawyer says "Well, that's normally a pretty long and costly procedure, unless you've got some really convincing reasons. What's your name, anyway?" The man says: "Erich Hitler." To which the lawyer replies "OH! Well that's a different story - we can get that done right away. Everybody knows why you wouldn't want to be called Erich!"

  2. The Honecker clan still exists???!!! I guess that means there is hope for those of us who are getting older. Erich, were he alive, would be about 134 I figure. :) Maybe he married his secretary?