Sunday, December 4, 2011

being the goose ... again

Today, I had an email from an old army friend, Barney. We were in the same unit together in Berlin in the early 1960's, a couple of pencil-pushing spies. We are more or less the same age and Barney is one of the few remaining people with whom I can share experiences and suppositions.

Barney wrote that these days he was so busy buying sympathy cards for the kin of those who had died that his wife, Selena, had suggested they should buy such cards in bulk.

Sympathy cards.

Small prayers.

This morning, several waves of Canada geese flew overhead, honking erratically and lustily. Canada geese, to the best of my knowledge, don't pray. They fly and honk as circumstances demand. They are so busy doing that their being as "geese" is irrelevant.

And I wonder, within this setting, if it is not I who is the bald-faced goose.

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