Saturday, December 3, 2011

"Inside Job"

A friend sent along "Inside Job," the quiet, careful and Academy-Award winning attempt to dissect the 2008 economic meltdown, and I just took the time to watch it. The 2010 movie is not as boisterous as Michael Moore's unmasking of various social deceits -- just a quiet segue from one link to the next in the chain of responsibility that no one was or is willing to acknowledge.

The thing that magnetized me was the interviews with government officials, financial agents and academics. Magnetized and made me want to puke: These carefully-coiffed high rollers saw nothing wrong with their contributions to the economic demise of so many. Honest questions are met with soft soap evasions that made my jaw drop ... people trained at the best institutions in the world, people with incredible advantages in upbringing ... and people who, for the most part, had never heard the words "shame" or "remorse."

It's a very good movie, for those with the patience to watch for almost two hours.

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