Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas leftovers

Christmas came and went. The garbage man came by this morning and picked up the overstuffed garbage bags to prove that presents were opened and there was new stuff to add to old lives.

And then, after a good dinner yesterday, my wife got a call: Her mother, who is in her late 80's, had gone to the hospital. Mary has congestive heart failure and was short of breath as a Christmas present. Today my wife left for New Jersey to be with her mother.

Christmas presents: I got to do some zazen and my daughter and her fiance gave me a present that made me laugh: A small propane grill used at tailgate parties prior to sporting events. "We won it," my daughter explained. If there was ever a guy who is NOT an outdoor grill aficionado, I am it. What a hoot. Maybe I too will be able to give it to someone else.

Christmas leftovers. I get a grill. The garbage man has work. And Mary gets to go to the hospital.

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