Wednesday, December 14, 2011

the family jewels

-- A new poll suggests that marriage, a once-sacrosanct institution, is losing its grip. Depending on the point of view, I suppose this is due to an injection of common sense or a collapse of sanity.

-- In Indonesia, 'Islamic values' got a shot in the arm when police raided a punk-rock concert, detained 65, and cut off their mohawk hair do's and stripped away body piercings. Nothing like a haircut and removal of bling to uphold a moral course.

-- In tough economic times, it's always heartening to know that the rich remain rich. At Christie's auction house Tuesday, the sale of former actress Elizabeth Taylor's jewelry brought in $116 million. Diamonds and rubies and a much-vaunted pearl, La Peregrina ... and the audience applauded its own acumen. Schools and housing and jobs and peace of mind may go begging, but this ... this was big!

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